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Online direct payday loans -When you need a cash use payment direct payday loan

Lending money online has found a number of fans in Croatia, especially for the younger generations who are more adept at using online banking. This method of lending money is attractive because it is available from 0 to 24 hours without leaving the house. At any time and anywhere where there is internet access, one Read More

Legitimate payday loans online direct lenders -Quick app via online direct lenders

You have applied for a loan in order to meet your cash needs in one of the ways that the banks allow you to use for loan application. If you have made your application via SMS banking or the internet, you will be called to the branch by the bank to arrange the necessary documents Read More

Borrow money without the pay slip with the mini loan

Borrow money without a pay slip? Read More

Which mortgage can I get?

  The amount of the mortgage that you can get depends on the value of the new house, your personal circumstances, the amount of the mortgage and the type of mortgage. From 2014 there is a snag at the height of the mortgage. The interest deduction is reduced by 0.5% each year, and thus the Read More


Almost everyone needs a mortgage when buying a house. The amounts that can be borrowed have fallen considerably compared to a few years ago. For many starters in the housing market it is almost impossible to get a mortgage. Are there still possibilities to qualify for a mortgage as a starter in the housing market? Read More

Baby loan instead of payday loan?

Nowadays, many people have fallen into need of forgetting personal loans for married couples because it is worthwhile to borrow a baby loan even if they do not want a child. I have already described the details of the loan here: Details of the publicly supported $ 10 million loan Why is it better than Read More

Taking out a mini loan is borrowing money quickly

Need money fast? The mini loan is an option Do you need money quickly? If you are going to take out a mini loan you will have money in your account quickly! It can happen to anyone you need money just as quickly to pay that unpaid bill or because an unexpected bill has to Read More

Average interest rate mortgage.

The mortgage rates have been fairly stable for a number of years and it is expected that this will not change for the time being. There is a  small difference between a short-term mortgage and a long-term mortgage. The interest rate on a short-term mortgage (fixed for 5 years) is now (2014) on average around Read More